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Vegan Milk Soap

We’ve finally done it – we made the vegan soap that people have been asking for.  It’s castile-ish*.  90% of the oil is olive oil.  There’s a little coconut oil to give it some lather.**

I was hesitant about making a vegan soap.  I make milk soap.  Those milk proteins do good things, and so do the micronutrients and sugars.  And I think our farm is pretty copacetic with vegetarian ideals for animals – we try very hard to raise the goaties with love and a natural lifestyle.  Like letting the Mammas raise their own babies, and milking them a lot less than we could (we like their udders to stay small enough for Mammas to keep jumping and playing all year).  Heck, our goats have a retirement plan!  I consider them my colleagues, and the star talent, at that.

But I respect principles, even when they differ from mine.  Vegetarianism/veganism is hard work, and I respect people who live by their priniciples.

And then it hit me – people milk coconuts, too!  And coconuts are vegetables!  (j/k) We could make milk soap from coconut milk.  Protein goodness, but still vegetarian.  And so we did.  We’re calling it “Mamma’s Day Off” soap.  I think goat milk lends a ton of goodness to soap, and, well, it’s how our goats get to earn a living without having to go to a “conventional” farm where they don’t know their babies and can’t play hard.  But I do think you will find our vegetarian milk soap quite lovely.  Proteins, baby.  Oh, and a yummy scent.

Unscented, but virgin coconut oil and coconut milk make it naturally fragrant.  Mild, check.  Natural, check.  Vegan, check.  Fragrant, check.  I’m happy to add this to our roster when it finishes curing.


* Castile soap doesn’t have an official meaning.  Originally, Castile soap referred to soap made in Castile, Spain, where it was made out of saponified olive oil and nothing else.  Now it’s sometimes defined as a soap made from nothing but saponified oilive oil, or even just a soap that’s made with a lot of olive oil or even a soap made entirely from vegetable oils.  So the word doesn’t really have a distinct meaning.  I’ve seen coconut castile soap for sale, 100% coconut oil, not a drop of olive.

Our soaps are always made from vegetable oils.  I guess we could call them castile, but I think it dishonors the traditions of Castile Spain to call anything but pure olive oil soap “castile.”  We do make a goat milk castile soap, but it takes 6 months or so to cure, and we won’t release it before it’s ready.

** 100% olive oil soaps have a lather that is so non-bubbly, it’s often called slimy.  Just a little bit of coconut oil gives it fluffy lather, while retaining the incredible gentleness of olive oil soap.   Although castile soap lathers pretty nicely with a bath pouf.